About the Creator

    As mentioned on the previous page, this place was created as a haven from the world of chaos.

    Well, it seems you're interested in who I am, otherwise, you would not be here reading. Let me tell you about myself then, I am a figment of your imagination because EVERYONE knows there are no females online!

    On a more serious note, I am indeed female, and the pic there is one of myself. It's up to you to figure out my age though, I'm not going to disclose that one here.

    I started getting interested in html and actually bothered learning it (due to being bored at the time) in 2001, desiging a very empty personal site. This design now, is obviously one of many designs that personal pages tend to go through, and is surely not the last. For me, designing a site is something I do to relieve stress and frustration, or just to do something creative. If you want to see other pages designed by me, check out the links page.