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14/06/04 Update:

OOC: Are we dead yet? (repeat every 5 secs until board miracusly resurects)
No, we're not dead. Both Mike and Joe have done a wonderful job moving the board from ezboard to it's new home on, even if it did cost a lot of nerves! Some of you might have noticed the occasional frustrating update done by one of them during that time.. I'm glad it's done though.
Things are still slow, but are starting to pick up. Please tell me they're starting to pick up guys.
(update done by Linda)

20/01/04 Update:

OOC: The festive season is about to end and with it, the reopening of Shukumei.

Welcome back! It's good to see old friends again now that we're trying to bring the board back. Of course being us, the action isn't too far behind. ^.^ Things are quieting down a little bit in people's lives. After a very interesting and dramatic autumn and winter. How were everyone's holidays? I know most of you spent them like me sitting in front of their comps and getting nothing much accomplished. I saw you online, so don't you dare deny it! Well we're starting a new year… I'm graduating soon! *dances about* Neese may be going to college a year early. Mike and Linda are doing their own thing. So is Luke, who isn't talking to me right now… Al…. Not sure what is going on over there. For some reason, I want to say there was a fight that I had no idea about that took place. Mitri is Mitri. Mhmm. Meggie has been doing her lurking. And that's about it. Welcome to the insanity, any new people! Prepare to lose part of your mind to the wonderful randomness! ^.^

IC (done by Mike, a one time exclusive):
Before now, Shukumei has been random and erratic with it's detatchment from personal stories for the sake of getting old characters and new oriantated on the newly colonised planet.

With the reopening of Shukumei, Yuskei has returned from a personal mission to take down Dimitri in "Avoid Familiar Faces". This time, he has returned much different from his previous missions, in the fact that he has not only changed slightly, but dramatically. His first order of business being to wipe out a reasonable size of a portion of Kind city.

This story will hopefully kick off a continuous board wide storyline that I'm sure will involve many twists and turns, betrayels of long time friends and alliances between many others.

Among the old faces, Joe, Chimera, Jodie, Sayuru and Selenia have been getting up to no good or possibly not. Joe has been doing the usual routine, now recently confronted by the old Severus who has just arrived not just on the planet, but back into the land of the living due to some strings being pulled in high places. As usual, they have managed to get into a fight and are currently duking it out over who should apologize. Again.

Chimera has returned the cast and has so far been showing off his new toys to old friends shamelessly. He now is on the search for Jodie, his ex 'Queen' who has returned to her old drinking ways, leaving the possiblity to rekindle an old flame between them or create a new one. Severus remains to be found

Sayuru, fed up with life in general, suicide thrown out the window of possibilities has confronted Joe during his fight and Yuskei in his return. She has turned to a local drug lord, Selenia, for her to end her pain and suffering, the only option down from suicide being to injest a potent drug that wipes all memories depending on how much is taken. She now is completely disorientated in a new world with many new people yet to meet that already know her.

Among the new faces, NO and Psycho Mantis (Obvious rip-offs of Metal Gear, but we don't care) have jumped into the fray, their obvious superiority to many being clear but the reasons unknown to who and what they are. So far it is only known that Yuskei has associated himself with Mantis.

A surprise visit from an old villan, Dimitri has returned, more pissed off and disorientated then ever. This adds yet more mystery to Yuskei's change and leads us to question why Dimitri is still alive and even more, What the hell is going on?

Hopefully these questions will be answered in the coming storyline leaving obvious new mysteries to pop up in the near future. Especially the myths surrounding the planet. Until next time...

12/09/03 Update:

OOC: Someone other than me should be typing this...

Al Sutherland, our resident PI died in unexplained circumstances. Theories on his death include a government conspiracy, revenge of the hacker comunity, some believe that Joe Skase was responsible for Al's death.
Since then, Al has managed to return to the land of the semi-living, in form of a ghost.

Jodie, in order to save her friends from her own fate and to get the needed black vice which she is addicted to, contacts her brother Joe in order for him to get her information of the watersupply of the city of Kind which she will pass on to Vincent Novaya.
Joe, after getting the required information, heads off to the hackers hangout of as he believes his sister to be present there. She doesn't dissapoint him, and is there with Kakyo, hallucinating that Joe is a table.
Taking offence to Kakyo being near his sister, Joe starts a fight with Kakyo, which soon turns into a fight with Sekkira Nendedaga, who's only reason for being there was to up his kill count, in the process, running into the pacifistic Jodie, who, although out of it, tries to talk him out of it.
Jodie's speed is seen as she accidently avoids loosing her head to his sword, leaving Sekkira to wonder what she is. Vincent Novaya, sick of waiting for Jodie to show up with the promised information interfeers at that point, and soon, we have a fight between Sekkira Nendedaga, Vincent Novaya and Joe Skase, which is still ongoing...

Meanwhile, Al is trying to find out who killed him from lg, who isn't very impressed with having one of her victims show up in form of a ghost.

Pete has just shown up from off-planet, trying to 'loose' important information which she has 'borrowed' from a military installation. Aiden Sto Helit starts talking to her, making her believe she's hallucinating, although, he keeps telling her that she isn't hallucinating.

Idana Fontane is searching for Selenia Fleance to report to her and obtain more LaVey Verte, and is currently talking to Emiko Lillusa.

Whee... update time... 22/08/2003*points out that everyone here is lazy*

Since the last time this was done, we've seen the start of a friendship between Luke and Meggie (yay, they're posting) in the Town Square.

The Town Square has also seen other action, With Idana trying to find out information ... ok.. let me start at the top..

Idana's addiction soon lets Selenia manipulate her into watching Joe Skase, in order to do so, she employs the help of Al Sutherland, PI. Unfortunatly for Al, someone wants him dead, and over the next week, succeeds in killing him. Who or why, is not known at this point in time, however, one of the suspects would be Joe.

Joe, after his encounter with Sayuru has an encounter with Tera, and due to being drunk, ends up getting shot in the pub... go Tera. On his way home the next morning, he gets annoyed with Emiko and ends up with free coffee as a result

Once home, he finds out his sister, Jodie, has returned to the land of the living, and is currently talking to Sonia and looking at Kimi's android body

Sonia, on her way to Joe's, had a small run-in with the vampire comunity, making it one member bigger when she gets turned.

Kakyo runs into Jodie when Jodie, blind drunk, knocks on his door instead of Joe's, trying to find Joe

Vincent Novaya, our newest drug dealer, who deals in a substance called Black Vice, which gives the user 10 times their normal strength, meets the pacifist Jodie whilst trying to demonstrate the benefits of his product. The result? He ends up with her as a test-subject but doesn't make any business.
WARNING!! Jodie is both mentally and physically unstable at this point in time

If I forgot anyone, let me know and I'll update on monday...

Hewwo! Sayuru here. Thanks to Linda and maybe a little bit to Joe, I will be writing the first edition of the Shukumei News Letter where I will be bringing you OOC (out of character) and IC (in character) news from around the board.

Before I start, I would like to welcome everyone here. From the looks of things, most of you are veterans from Senkyoku, but maybe we’ll get a few new faces in the crowd. Things have quieted down between the two boards since the leaving wasn’t a very quiet one. A little shaky start, but Shukumei can handle it.

Storylines are already springing up around the board, and even a few people have staked out their homes for a long stay.

In the town’s pub, former lovers Joe Skase and Sayuru meet up again after both having left Senkyoku. After an indifferent confrontation that led to Sayuru being sick from her weakened state, the two departed but not before the question arose “Is there still something between the couple?”

Joe continues educating Kimi, his AI that resides in his beloved laptop, of the world in which they exist. She still sees how Sayuru needs protection and looking after losing her son, but can she get Joe to see it?

After leaving the pub, Sayuru encounters Lisa, a young woman posing as a student at Uni. Bits of past are revealed during this encounter intriguing both.

In the town square, Sekkira Nendedaga and Emiko Lillusa, two strong, hot-headed individuals have an encounter, which is bound to lead to something interesting. There already has been one injury in the brief confrontation.

In the business district, Luke has showed up as well with the first post in that forum.

One of our board administrators, Mike, is still recovering from the chicken pox. Last I heard, he is much better, yet still spotted. Hope you get better soon!

Slowly the group is getting back together even if they aren’t posting in any storylines yet. Lurkers tis what they are. ^_^

With that this ends the first edition of the Shukumei News Letter. I hope you all enjoy the stay and savor the occasionally insanity, we all love to call our board.

Signing out, Sayuru (Board Moderator) and the rest of the admins
JoeSkase and Mikkue (Board Administrators)
Fox Ness (Board Moderator)
lg5000 (Site Administrator)