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Shukumei is a vast planet very different from our own. The atmostphere is quite different and lacks as much oxygen as earth does, it replaced more with nitrogen and hydrogen. It is still breathable by humans and possible to survive for an entire lifetime on this planet.

Although the atmostphere is breathable for humans, there are many who cannot survive the air long and develop asthma as a side effect. This has brought tourism down quite a lot and for non humans, sports lush and tranquil forests, massive mountain ranges and amazingly clean oceans. Most of the planet is still unexplored and remains unexplored due to it's barely breathable atmostphere.

It it well known that the planet was terraformed, rather unsuccessfully to human standards of living, even though the wildlife has evolved quickly to adapt but there are also rumours of it not only being terraformed, but actually created from first princibles. No evidance has been discovered to support this theory, but it came about from legends surrounding an ancient race that could do this easily. With this power, they also had the ability to destroy planets, but that is old folk lore saved for superstitous space travellers.

Welcome to Shukumei, the planet of discovery!

Enjoy your stay.